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Nordic Inspired Backyard
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We’re a contemporary builder of custom, eco-friendly accessory buildings — backyard offices + studios.
But what does ASUNTO mean? And what is Nordic-inspired?

ASUNTO is a Finnish word meaning dwelling, home, shelter, and room. As a product of both Swedish and Finnish ancestry, I grew up influenced by Nordic culture and developed an appreciation for Scandinavian aesthetics inspired by nature, hygge (Hue-gah) – loosely translated as finding comfort in simple soothing things – and a minimalist yet humanist approach to design, and architecture. It’s these values that inspire our approach to building and what you can expect from ASUNTO.

Asunto Accessory Buildings

We're A Contemporary Builder of Custom, ECO-FRIENDLY Accessory Buildings — Backyard Offices + Studios


ASUNTO is a premium, trusted builder of custom accessory buildings including the ultimate in backyard home office and studio solutions. To truly maximize your WFH routine you need to separate your work from your living space. With an ASUNTO Backyard Office you can enjoy increased freedom, privacy, and productivity and best of all, say goodbye to that commute.

ASUNTO Backyard Sheds + Studios come in 3 model build packages; the Classic, the Custom, and the Premium. Each is fully customizable to suit your specific needs and built on site to maximize efficiencies usually in 3-4 weeks. Larger accessory buildings can be built based on these designs or from a unique design specific to your needs and vision.

ASUNTO Studios are built to last and for year round comfort and enjoyment. They're framed, insulated and waterproofed to BC Building Code Standards (CSA A277). We include a customizable electrical package and for even more convenience, ask about plumbing options.

ASUNTO offices + studios are custom-built to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our process generates minimal waste, is energy efficient, and utilizes sustainable wood & wood composite products.

what our customers say

"We love our Backyard Shed... we were able to design it the way we wanted it and it’s a great storage space. We will be back again now that the company has expanded to other products."

Simonne / Custom Shed Purchaser

what our customers say

"Our daughter uses our backyard Studio every day from morning to night. We use it as a peaceful getaway...it’s like sitting in a summer cottage – we’re just missing a lake :)"

Rosanna / Premium Studio Purchaser

what our customers say

“We couldn’t be happier! Our Studio Office is perfect; a great space for work and relaxation, a guest room, and a yoga studio. The studio is simply beautiful and has just the right feel to fit in with and add to our house value. I highly recommend ASUNTO to anyone needing a backyard studio office."

Corina / Premium Studio Purchaser



As a young boy, I used to spend my summers at our family’s cabin in northern Quebec. Beautifully situated on a small island and surrounded by Birch trees it was an idyllic Canadian north experience and very similar to the landscape of lakes and forests that my Scandinavian Grandparents knew from their youth.

Our 2 room log cabin was ruled by my diminutive and determined Finnish great-grandmother who simply referred to everyone as Kullamuru (piece of gold). She was always busy either killing snakes or hovering over the ancient wood stove. Mornings, she would be making thin crepe-like Finnish pancakes with blueberries we had picked on Blueberry Hill followed by pan-fried Northern Pike we had caught earlier that morning trolling from the little wood boat that she would row around the island. She would plow headlong into the waves relishing coming storms as she was convinced they always ensured the fish would be biting.

My passion for nature was instilled at an early age and has, in turn, influenced my aesthetic in design and architecture and interest in sustainable building materials and practices. ASUNTO embodies these values and I’m happy to be able to help our customers improve and enhance their family life with a Nordic-inspired studio or accessory building.



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