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At ASUNTO we specialize in custom-built accessory buildings; backyard home offices, studios, guest suites, and cabins built to the highest standards including all municipal building codes and managing the permit process where required. We provide service throughout British Columbia including Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley, the Sunshine Coast, Whistler and Howe Sound, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands. We build onsite and complete your Studio usually within 3-4 weeks. Occasionally an onsite build just isn't possible and in these occurrences we employ a prefabricated solution to fit.

ASUNTO is a premium, trusted builder of custom accessory buildings including the ultimate in backyard home office and studio solutions. To truly maximize your WFH routine you need to separate your work from your living space. With an ASUNTO Backyard Office you can experience increased freedom, privacy, and productivity.

For work, study, or leisure an ASUNTO Backyard office or Backyard studio will add more than just an extra room to your home. Custom-Built and designed to match your exact needs, an ASUNTO Backyard Office or Studio will transform your backyard into the ideal work from home solution—a space for creative inspiration, productivity, personal wellness, or a guest suite.

ASUNTO Backyard Offices and Backyard Studios are built to last and for year-round usage, comfort, and enjoyment. We build onsite, usually within 3-4 weeks. All our backyard offices and studios are framed, insulated and waterproofed to BC Building Code Standards (CSA A277), include customizable heating, AC, lighting and electrical packages, and interior and exterior finishing options.

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what our customers say

"We love our Backyard Shed... we were able to design it the way we wanted it and it’s a great storage space. We will be back again now that the company has expanded to other products."

Simonne / Custom Shed Purchaser

what our customers say

"Our daughter uses our backyard Studio every day from morning to night. We use it as a peaceful getaway...it’s like sitting in a summer cottage – we’re just missing a lake :)"

Rosanna / Premium Studio Purchaser

what our customers say

“We couldn’t be happier! Our Studio Office is perfect; a great space for work and relaxation, a guest room, and a yoga studio. The studio is simply beautiful and has just the right feel to fit in with and add to our house value. I highly recommend ASUNTO to anyone needing a backyard studio office."

Corina / Premium Studio Purchaser

At ASUNTO We Focus
on you & the Environment

We strive to make our construction process as environmentally friendly as possible. Because we only purchase exactly want is necessary for your project we minimize waste and maintain quality control. We use sustainable wood and wood composite products with low to no urea formaldehyde as per Canadian Regulations (CANFER), and low VOC paints and finishes to eliminate off-gassing. Where possible any waste material is recycled or disposed of responsibly. Better for you and better for the environment.

ASUNTO Backyard Offices + Studios come in 3 model build packages; the Classic, the Custom, and the Premium. Each is further customizable to suit your specific needs and then custom-built onsite, usually within 3-4 weeks. Larger accessory buildings including, Backyard Suites, Bunkies, and even cabins, can be built based on one of the 3 build packages and scaled to fit. Or we can start from scratch to develop a unique custom-designed and built solution based on your needs.

ASUNTO Backyard Offices and Studios are custom-built to last and for your year-round comfort and enjoyment. They're framed, insulated and waterproofed to BC Building Code Standards (CSA A277) and include a fully customizable heating, optional AC, lighting, and electrical package.

Interior and
Exterior Finishing

Choose from a variety of interior wall, flooring, and exterior siding options.













do i need a building permit?

In most districts and municipalities a permit is not required for an accessory building with a footprint of up to 107 sq ft. It's always a good idea to confirm with your local building/planning department to confirm what is allowed on your property and where. View All FAQs

do you build onsite?

Yes. In most cases an onsite build is the most efficient and most economical solution. In cases where an onsite build isn't possible, prefabricated solutions are possible and incur extra charges of between $2,500 to $5,000 for transport and crane services, depending on your location. View All FAQs

can i customize my Backyard Office?

Yes! You can match your home, add on upgrades and/or mix and match features; interior panels, siding, flooring, doors and windows from any of the models we produce or anything you have in mind. Additionally, we can design and build interior add-ons like desks, shelving, cabinetry, feature walls, and furniture. View All FAQs

Can You do Built-ins?

We do custom built-ins of anything you need for your office/studio; desks, shelving, cabinets, etc. Additionally, we do exterior decking and steps.

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