ASUNTO Accessory buildings

Nordic Inspired Backyard
Offices + Studios

ASUNTO backyard offices and studios are fully customizable starting with one of three base models, the CLASSIC, the CUSTOM, and the PREMIUM Studio package as outlined below.

Asunto Classic Studio
$ 24,975*

payable in 3 instalments

Classic Build Package:

Interior Wood Panels, Exterior Smart Panel Siding, Half-Light Steel Door, & 1 Vinyl Window.

Asunto custom Studio
$ 29,250*

Payable in 3 Instalments

Custom Build Package:

Classic Build + Interior Drywall, French Doors, 2 Windows & Exterior Siding Options.

asunto premium studio
$ 32,750*

payable in 3 instalments

Premium Build Package:

Custom Build + Premium Electrical Package, Window Options, Premium Siding & Deck.

*Please note the above prices are estimates based on an 8' x 10' studio as outlined. Building material costs may change without notice. Estimated prices don't include electrical hook up to your home, or taxes.