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Nordic Inspired Backyard Offices + Studios

At ASUNTO we specialize in custom-built accessory buildings; backyard home offices, studios, guest suites, and cabins built to fit your backyard or property. We provide service throughout British Columbia including Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley, the Sunshine Coast, Whistler, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly. Click below to give us a call, or to schedule a FREE consultation.

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what our customers say

"We love our Backyard Shed... we were able to design it the way we wanted it and it’s a great storage space. We will be back again now that the company has expanded to other products."

Simonne / Custom Shed Purchaser

what our customers say

"Our daughter uses our backyard Studio every day from morning to night. We use it as a peaceful getaway...it’s like sitting in a summer cottage – we’re just missing a lake :)"

Rosanna / Premium Studio Purchaser

what our customers say

“We couldn’t be happier! Our Studio Office is perfect; a great space for work and relaxation, a guest room, and a yoga studio. The studio is simply beautiful and has just the right feel to fit in with and add to our house value. I highly recommend ASUNTO to anyone needing a backyard studio office."

Corina / Premium Studio Purchaser