ASUNTO Accessory buildings

Nordic Inspired Backyard
Sheds + Studios

ASUNTO backyard sheds are fully customizable and based on one of three models, the CLASSIC, the CUSTOM, and the PREMIUM Shed package as outlined below.

Asunto Classic Shed
$ 8,995*

payable in 3 instalments

Classic Build Package:

Tongue in Groove Plywood Flooring, Smart Panel Siding, Flat Steel Door, and steel roof.

Asunto custom Shed
$ 10,500*

Payable in 3 Instalments

Custom Build Package:

Classic Build  plus Half-Light Steel Door, 1 Window, and Steel Siding Options.

asunto premium shed
$ 14,495*

payable in 3 instalments

Premium Build Package:

Custom Build plus Interior wood panels, Shed Electrical package, and Premium Siding.

*Please note prices are estimates based on a 6' x 8' Shed as outlined. Building material costs may change without notice. Estimated prices do not include delivery and installation, electrical hook up to your home, or taxes.